Don’t Let Clogs Slow the Flow of Your Pipes

Don’t Let Clogs Slow the Flow of Your Pipes

Call Gary’s Plumbing & Heating to clear your plumbing

Gary’s Plumbing & Heating handles plumbing work for residential and commercial properties. Whether your property’s just been built or has been standing for years, you need to make sure your pipes are in good condition so that water can flow through them efficiently. We provide:

  • Plumbing fixture installation
  • Sewer and drain cleaning
  • Sewer camera inspection
  • Repair your water softener

  • Install a traditional or tankless water heater 

Our team will handle your pipes so you can focus on managing the rest of your home or business.

Hire us to keep your pipes clear.

Trusted Sewer Line Inspection

If your purchasing a new home, buying one, or trying to diagnose a plumping issue, make sure you get your sewer lines inspected. With our sea snake pipe camera, we can see problems in your sewer lines and determine a plan to repair. We'll perform a thorough inspection and even provide you a copy of the recorded sewer line. In addition to this inspection, we also run comprehensive plumbing and heating inspections with a full report what needs changed, replaced, or left alone. Our plumbing and heating inspections are available in the Laramie, WY area, call today!

Call us back to check on your pipes

We’ll revisit your property to make sure your water can flow through your pipes effectively. Our team can take care of any necessary repairs. If your pipes are damaged severely, we can install new ones at your earliest convenience. Once we’ve completed your job, water will be able to flow freely throughout your home or business.

Contact our office today for more information about our maintenance and repair options.