Some of Our Happy Customers!

Thank you for sending Kirk to take care of my plumbing woes. He worked in a kind, professional manner and did a good job

Mary M.

Thank you as always – for such wonderful service!

Pam and Jim

Thank you for all of the years of great service!


They were great. They came quickly and did a fine job.


Thank you for the best service.


Thank you so much for your service!


Thank you for setting me early in the schedule, especially since weather turned cold.


Thank you so much for coming to our house on Saturday in such short notice. You were a life saver. We will definately call again and recommend Gary’s Plumbing & Heating. Thanks again and we really appreciate your help


Thank you guys for the Christmas card and particularly for the fast, professional and courteous service for all these 23 years!! Our little place couldn’t have survived without you.

Larry & Sherry & All Our Renters

Thank you so much for your professional & wonderful service. There aren’t many businesses that would have been so helpful & eager to help keep a customer happy, that is why you guys have been in business for so long and why you will always have long – term customers like us!


We appreciate the quality workmanship and the great customer service. Thank You!

Allen & Marcie

Thank you for your wonderful service. Your employees are the best


Thank you everyone that came. They were all very polite and appreciated all that they did to help us.

Ernest & Janet

Thank you very much for taking care of the trailer. We really appreciate everything you did


Thanks for coming so late at night and in the FREEZING COLD!


Thank you for great services” – “Really appreciate you!


Thanks for getting to the girls so quickly. They were grumpy about being cold


We wanted to thank you for the “Great & Fast Service”!!! As Always!!!!


Dear Gary’s Plumbing & Jana. Thank you so much for all your great service over the years! Wish you continued success!


Thanks so much for always being there for us!


Kirk, thank you for servicing our furnace & recommending a new one. It’s doing the job nicely.


Thank you for wonderful service


Thank you for always being there for us! Happy 2016!


Thanks for taking such good care of me!


Thanks for such a quick, efficient and helpful response! Thank you for your great service!”

Rod & Chloe

Thank you for being so prompt! We appreciate it a great deal

Al & Dawn

Thank you for the quick attention at 4:00 AM when it was 17 degrees. I was too frazzled to remember the young mans name (from Nebraska I think) , but he was GREAT!


Great job and Thanks!


Thank you very much for installing the new furnace so quickly and for providing the temporary heaters for our house - It was very much appreciated.


Joe was very professional and did a great job


Thank you for your prompt service & help in our stressful time!


Thank you for great service. Lyle communicated what repairs he had done and was someone I was comfortable having in my home. I will happily recommend you to friends!


Thank you so much for such great service and prices. We love Jason, he is so good to us and courteous. Mom is so lucky to have you guys!


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